Monday, February 13, 2006

Another Olympic Update, and Observations

1.) I do love this pattern.
2.) I will however make the next one slightly shorter in the body to accomodate my petite but..umm..shall we say "robust"?..self. Or perhaps buxom? Yes, buxom would be the preferred word. After all, if the wedding site had not burned to the ground, I would have promised to be "bonny and buxom at bed and at board" in my vows.
3.) I really really love this pattern. I knew I would when I saw the hat Katie did. KatyDid. Sorry. I believed that the simplicity of the celtic cables would add interest without being overwhelming. Creating subtle shaping while imparting a smidge of drama. I had to have it and am eternally glad I bought it.
4.) This movie sucks. If I had less knowledge of the era and the heroine, it would have been perhaps tolerable. If you are seeking fictitous nonsense, total alteration of documented historic fact, and romantic modern values superimposed over a historical figure, watch this film. If you are truly interested in the period and the woman, watch this one instead, but with the historical commentary overlay.
5.) Time this week is not my beloved friend. It is, instead, my mortal enemy. Aidan will be here at 11am today and Thursday. The baby shower is Saturday. I have a plan involving some muslin and a doll pattern kicking around here someplace, but more on that later. I have too much on my plate, as usual. Pattern for the store took much longer than expected to write because of lace pattern needing to fit neatly into all five sizes, lots of math which I despise. And I now lack motivation for the project being distracted by baby showers, Olympics (although at the current rate of Olympic progress I will probably stop for a while and dedicate all knitting time this week to the store sweater), and the red socks. Speaking of which...FINALLY!...they look adorable on, and will someday show up here as a free pattern. Valentine Cabled Socks. From the woman who refuses to celebrate most holidays, and sees St. Valentine's Day as another example of shameless, compulsive American consumerism...makes perfect sense, doesn't it?? It's like my Disney World problem. Doesn't fit...or does it?? Really I am still sucking up from December when I forgot my wedding anniversary. "See, honey I DO love you, I even designed socks with hearts just for you".....better pic tonight of them on his feet once they are dry!!

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