Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sparkle and Hyde

From the first moment I met Flicker on Mary's desk at Webs, I knew it was love. And I knew it was only a matter of time before my wee brain developed an idea for putting it to work.

I don't know where the name of this pattern came from, really. I was struggling to think of something last night and was recruiting assistance from the peanut gallery.

Gene said Twinkle and Hyde, and I don't even really remember why he said it - maybe he does. I don't usually let him name things. I have no problem telling him he's way off base. Meg suggested Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, but there's such a wealth of patterns with that name or variations on it, that unfortunately it wasn't a good choice.

Then I started musing - Twinkle and Hyde. Sparkle and Hyde. I don't know why but it appealed to me. The more I mused, the more I liked it. Split personality project. And it is, too.

The yarn is both deliciously soft and comfortable, but has this bit of wow factor in the form of a subtle glimmer that runs through it. It's like having the best of both worlds - warmth, comfort, softness with enough bling to make it sophisticated, like someone made your favorite sweat-pants into a chic little fashion statement.

The pattern is fun to knit, not too difficult, but not too simple either. It's perfect for an intermediate knitter who is familiar with cables, increasing and decreasing, and knitting in the back of a stitch. You'll be entertained by it in the best possible way. Something to keep you entertained, like a good page-turner. The three items knit up relatively quickly so you will be wearing them in no time.

When the trio are finished, the twisted stitch pattern adds subtle visual interest and texture. Once they're on your head, neck and hands, if you don't smile I'll be very surprised!

You can find the pattern on Ravelry, in my little Gallery shop here, or by clicking the "Buy Now" link below. I hope you like this little winter offering. I know I do!

Pattern Cost $6.00


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