Saturday, August 14, 2010

So About that Blog I Have...

Summer here is chaotic at best, insane often, frequently over the top and always unexpected. This one has been no exception. A coyote comes every time I let birds out and eats them, sometimes before my eyes and always before I can react. We did our first slaughter of birds for resale. We've done it twice now and we're getting much better at it. The birds are not like the ones in the store. There's a difference in the meat that you can either handle, or not. I love it. I am working on the new book most of the time and inserting canning tomatoes, chicken killing, coyote watching, seeing family, gardening and life-in-general in the cracks. There are not a lot of cracks. So pictures I think for now, since it's been so long. Knitting...someday! Closer to completion of this book I will start sharing bits of it. I don't like to share while I am in the middle of the thing. It feels not right somehow. I am not sure how. Just not right. So you get life, in brief.

The hawk who harries my birds. One of, I should say. Momma had 2 this year and has managed to keep both alive.

Thud that was. He is now gone. In the end I could not eat him and in spite of my protestations against waste, he went to the coyote or some other wild thing.

Young birds on range with supervision - we've had a coyote here eating birds faster than I can grow them. I spend a lot of time bird-watching, and not the wild ones.

I think I keep chickens just for this. I love to watch them being chickens.

Armageddon. Three supers full of honey, and the extractor due here this week. The honey shall (I hope) be mine!

Beans. I love beans. I have a new (to me) variety this year called Lazy Housewife which seemed right for this year. Good call. Prolific. Stringless. Tasty. What's not to love?!

The tea jug (formerly used for racking wine), just because I like the handle.
Aidan, my Ninja Grandson. No really. He is. He's almost invisible.
 April, granddaughter, non-Ninja, all innocence.
Aidan eats corn. Somewhere there is a picture of him on this same deck eating corn, but he's about 5 years younger.
April looking pensive, or curious, or just young. Or just perfect.
Hope your summer is wonderful!


Jenny said...

Love that tea jug! I have one within arm's reach that looks just like it - other than it holds our spare change and bears a Wassail label from a local orchard. :)

Those grandkids of yours are super cute too. I bet they would get along with my princess and pirate. Even with the whole pirate vs ninja thing...

Sarah Buttenwieser said...

I heart your grandkids!

Yarnhog said...

I can't believe how big April's gotten! She's such a girl, and I think of her as a baby.

Blue Toe Spinner said...

don't you knit anymore?