Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TNNA Hangover, In a Good Way.

I have no time to blither endlessly today, so this will be short and sweet (I hope, for your sake and mine too). I am leaving on Thursday very early for Virginia to teach at Coordinated Colors, so my plan today is to just give you the highlights of things I saw in Columbus, fiber related and not, all in one list. Then, when I am back from Virginia maybe I can take a breath and focus a little!

But, here's what I saw and found and think, some with images, some without:

Karen Alfke's unpatterns are brilliant. You need them. Hell, I need them.

I want to spend the rest of my life at North Market, just shopping for amazing cheeses, meats and produce while sampling small spoons of ice cream during shopping breaks, or possibly nibbling on olives or popping some corn and opening a bottle of a really good beer. It's all there (and then some).

If you are in Columbus and need olives, go to North Market and find The Olive Orchard stand. Get some garlic stuffed olives and a bottle of their organic oil. And the best news? They SHIP!

Miriam Felton's (aka brilliant designer of the Icarus shawl) Twist and Knit is going to be amazing also, and you should have that as well. In fact, there may be a few things in this post that you should have. She's also delightful, but that's another story.

Jeni's Ice Cream is pretty amazing. My mouth is still reeling. In the end I think my favorites are Queen City Cayenne, Lime Cardamom Yogurt, the combination of Dark Chocolate with Backyard Mint. Also Mango Lassi. And Cherry Lambic. And Salty Caramel, Wildberry Lavender and...oh you get the picture.

I need one of these Minknitures necklaces, but I cannot decide which color. I am willing to take suggestions. Pavia makes each of these items, pins as well, by hand. I was leaning toward pewter, but the copper appeals as well.

Pho is every bit as good as everyone has said it is. So was the #9 bowl

Think Outside the Socks is a FUN book! You need it.

Carol Sulcoski is my stalker, but I am ok with it as long as she keeps offering me her beautifully dyed yarn. Who am I to stop her?

Green Mountain Spinnery has a really beautiful certified organic 100% wool, dyed in Earthues colors by a local dyer. Local Color. This isn't just organic wool. The washing and spinning are organic as well. I love it.

Knitting 24/7 is also a wonderful book. It helps that the author is truly delightful. (Don't worry Carol. A promise is a promise. She's all yours, honest)
It is possible to break a Sassafras watch, but I really had to work at it. I've got the bruises on my wrist to prove it. My watch got hung up in my over-loaded and too-heavy backpack. I am now eyeing the beaded watch, which is smaller and would allow for my stupidity in over-packing my bags.

Save a Kiwi, Knit with Possum. No really. Possum are non-native introduced species doing bad bad things in New Zealand. I do not like non-native pest species. In fact they make me angry. I say, knit the little suckers up.
Steve Elkins can keep an audience entranced even when employees and friends of Webs are taking his picture. Unflappable, I tell you.

Although I never thought of it before, apparently there is gluten in hair and skin products. The ladies of Lavishea have a solution. A gluten-free, all natural lotion bar. I love this bar. And it made it through airport security, no problem. And it comes in a variety of fragrances. I made a list of my favorites.

This didn't fare as well at the airport, although in the end they let me keep it all - two cheeses from Curds and Whey in North market and some quince paste from same. Apparently food gives odd readings on the x-ray thing. Who knew. Let me tell you. That man knows his cheese. And the cheese is SO good. I got a Manchego and I wanted Cambozola, but it had all gone to a restaurant (and I am pretty sure I know which one), so he gave me a Blue de Bresse instead. It is SO good. Mike even vacuum sealed it for me!

I really like Goodale park, a circuit of which is part of a 2 mile loop walk or run from the convention center.
Ohio is flat. I like hills, but I hope I get to go back and see the flat again. If I do, I'll be in the North Market eating Pho and sniffing cheese.
Now. Laundry, errands, write two patterns, re-pack and head for Virginia!


Yarnhog said...

Now I'm hungry and want to buy things!

Kristen said...

I had totally forgotten about North Market from when we lived in Ohio. I miss a lot of stuff from Columbus. And yes, it is strangely flat - especially if ride out about an hour or so.

Mary LeMaster said...

pewter For sure with the Pin.
Goodale Park I love it there!!
Thats where I got married last year by the pond! O H

Sarah Buttenwieser said...

am sending this post to a friend moving to columbus!

Anonymous said...

I've eaten that Pho. I miss that Pho. :(

Sounds like you've had two great trips!