Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Crazy, Isn't It?

This past weekend Girl entertained a dog named Abby. Abby is wonderful, brilliant, very well-trained. She's some mix of stock dog, herding dog or heeler. She looks like she'd be great with cattle - low to the ground and stocky, and potentially relentless. This makes her a tad restless, especially when removed from hearth and home. She likes to herd all of the stuffed animals into a pile in the middle of the living room. That takes about thirty seconds. You can send them off to the far corners of the room again, but she's got them back in their pack in a matter of seconds. Sitting still is difficult for her, especially with the glaring distractions of Dazee and Boo, chickens crowing in the yard, cat blowing in and out and humans opening and closing doors and generally wandering about.I took all 3 dogs for a 2 mile walk on Saturday morning, thinking this would tire them out. I was partially right. Boo and Dazee crashed in heaps - Boo managed to get himself jumped on by another big dog, so was traumatized and therefore exhausted. Dazee takes 4-5 steps for every one of mine, so for her that was a pretty long hike. She really wanted a piece of the big dog, but he was much too busy snapping and growling at Boo. Abby, as soon as we were back in the front door asked if we could go again. More. Now. Please. Please?!? By Sunday afternoon I found myself sitting in a chair trying to make everyone relax for a few minutes. Just a few. I managed to get them to remain in their spaces for a whole ten minutes. It was most impressive. Note the Zen-like expression on my face as I try to remain as still and calm as possible while making sure each dog has some sort of physical contact. Very effective.
On Monday morning I headed out for a bit of a trot with Dazee and Boo. I assumed they had recovered from their little walk on Saturday. Dazee had and trotted gamely at my side. Boo, in spite of my going north instead of south, has indeed made decisions about "outside".I expected this really. All four paws planted firmly into the dirt of the upper part of our road. Immovable. He is long on memory and easily traumatized. Being jumped by a Weimaraner has had it's effect, and I doubt I will be able to get him further than a half mile from home ever again. In his mind the outdoors, which has always terrified him, is now populated by mean, angry dogs seeking to kill him.
I finished these socks this week. They're currently called Beachside, although their new owner (Webs) may change that.The yarn is Valley Yarns Superwash DK. The pattern is written toe-up 2 at a time. And there's BEADS! And cables.
The heel is simple stockinette, although heel stitch could just as easily be used. I just liked the simplicity of the stockinette on these. I love them. I hope you do too! I'll let you know when the pattern is available from Webs, in case you want to make a pair for yourself. They would also make a great gift sock I think.
It's getting close to time for Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks to make a public appearance. I don't think I am nervous so much this time as excited. I want to share it. I hope everyone loves it. I already do!


Yarnhog said...

Oh, poor Boo! Isn't it funny how the big dogs are always the wimps? Sophie hides behind my legs. That's quite a sight: a Newfoundland hiding behind my skinny legs!

D said...

Awww, poor pup. Must have been quite the attack! Was the other owner around?

Beachside is lovely! I am especially enamored of the cables adorned with beads.

I can't wait for your toe-up book. After trying two-at-a-time I know I'll never go back. I've made gloves that way, too! I've never tried toe-up socks, so your new book will be my first foray into them. Can't wait!

Kristen said...

I REALLY REALLY like those socks.

Tracy said...

well i like those socks too.. kinda.. cute.. but don't let it go to your head now

~margaret aka dragonflysock said...

Oh my goodness, Melissa! I'm so sorry your dog got harassed by another dog. My son has a Weimaraner, and I know they can be quite a handful. (He has told me in the past when he walks his dogs off leash, people have complained to him about Kaiser-gad! I hope it was not him-my son is an outdoors kind of guy and lives in NH). Hope you gave the owner a stern talking-to.
Any kind of herding dog, though, will be almost impossible to wear out. Abby looks like she has a bit of border collie in her.
Looking forward to the release of your new book-have it pre-ordered on Amazon. If I have the day off when you have your signing at Webs, I'll be there. Love to meet you again. I saw you at Sock Summit (I work with your MIL) at the book signing. .

Milissa said...

Sounds like you could use the Dog Whisperer to help you with Boo. Those socks are really cute, they might help me overcome my reluctance to add beads to my knitting.