Saturday, February 13, 2010

Like I said...

it just keeps speeding by. Last week was vacation, and in the first full day I had an offer for a book and three offers to teach at locations all over the country. I should go to Florida more often maybe? This week I catch up on some work; there's a list; and recover from the experience that is a Disney vacation. Relaxing it is not. Recovery is needed. For today I share vacation pictures, which I know bore some people and other people just love, and I just can't resist sharing! Next entry there will be knitting - I promise! The FO's from vacation and the work bits from this week, maybe even by Friday? Who knows. It's still going by so fast I can barely catch my breath!
Remy the Rat from the movie Ratatouille with his handler at Chefs de France at Epcot Center. Because anyone can cook!Dear Mother in Law - Yes, it's true. Not only have I corrupted him with raw fish, he also now eats snails. On purpose, and twice so far. I can't say I am sorry. Now if I can just get him to try frogs' legs.The Running of The Tourists for Soarin' at Epcot Center just after park opening. This is a cool hang glider adventure over California, sort of, and is one hot ticket. People love it. heck, I love it and I've been on it maybe 10 times. The best bits of California on a really big screen and a feeling of flight. Not bad.The wedding pavilion at Disney World that I did not get married in because a.) $10,000 for 7 people in 1997 (including the bride and groom) seemed just a tiny tad outrageous and b.) Well. OK. There is no B. Just A.Delightful view from the wedding pavilion toward the Polynesian resort which I kind of like in a kitschy, 1970's Hawaiian tiki party sort of way.Loud sound! I do not remember what primates these are, but they were yelling back and forth with white cheeked gibbons who'd just had a baby in a nearby enclosure. Although at Animal Kingdom the idea of an enclosure is liberally interpreted - on stage you feel like there are NO enclosures!The cat Mel believes he is. And I think he is, too.A friend I made while waiting for Wishes fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. He had a lady friend already, but her ability to hold his attention in the presence of a potential food source (which I am not - I do not feed wildlife) was limited.The corner of a parade float with the castle in the background. Really it's not a parade. It's a street party held a few times during the day and by the end of the trip I not only knew the words but could almost do the little parade dance. Gene has pictures. We won't be posting those.Just a moment of peace on the bridge from the Swan and Dolphin toward Boardwalk resort and ultimately Epcot. We resort hop either for amusement or to dine or in this case to visit a mini-golf course.Compulsive tweeting from mini golf course. Bad, bad vacationer!He beat me by ONE point. ONE! In truth I expected to fare much worse. It helped that he forgot to record a few holes and just gave us each a 3.I love the movie Fantasia and to see bits of it recreated as a mini golf course makes me happy. This is Baccaus, dumping wine down the hill. Such a waste. I hope it's a cheap blend.Our new favorite resort, which given that we're not planning to return any time soon is a bit sad...this is Port Orleans French Quarter which I would highly recommend for people with no/few kids - it's not as "cool" as some other resorts that kids enjoy - but it is small, peaceful and laid back. We usually stay at Port Orleans Riverside. I like this better.I flew and once again no one died!My bag is on the left, a duffle bag that was a Christmas gift a few years ago. I don't think it's made to be checked luggage, but there it is. It's made it across the country to Sock Summit as my carry-on (3 days on the train each way) and now it's begun a flying career - it has to be checked because it doesn't fit in the bin. I packed a whole week's worth of clothes in here. I was amazed that it worked; that I could travel without traditional luggage and be comfortable with what I fit in here for a whole week. Thanks to Dena, I am now a near-total convert and am looking at carry-on sized bags for the future.So there I am, laying on a beach chair at the Grand Floridian waiting for tea time. Tea not tee. And I look up at the bright blue sky and the beautiful white sand and the swaying palm, and then I see it. The ultimate irony. "Waste Please". Every deluxe resort we visited has cans labeled the same way. Now I certainly know what they're saying here. But the irony...oh the irony.The resort at night. Ahhh. Love the place. So peaceful just walking around the resort, which is good since the rest of a Disney vacation is not exactly relaxing.Skipper Dan - really! An actual Skipper Dan!
Sort of like training your whole life as a figure skater only to end up playing a dancing spoon in Disney's Beauty and the Beast on Ice...The best and only reason for Lasik surgery. Cool Sunglasses. My jealousy over these things knows no bounds. On the plus side I have saved a fortune over the last 42.362 years. But man. What I wouldn't give to be able to wear cool sunglasses.I wanted to do this so very badly. 400 feet over the lagoon at Downtown Disney...and we pick the week with the wind and the rain and all manner of deterrents. The thing was grounded for most of our visit. The one time it wasn't there was an hour wait, and I was hungry, so I said we'd get supper and come back. By the time we got back it was too windy aloft and was closed. Curse my impatience!!
That's the end of the boring vacation photos - or really the tip of the 400 image iceberg. We had a good time, wore ourselves out, and are glad to be home. Recovering!!


waterfall said...

I LOVE Epcott! All the nations buildings, and the futuristic, or is it now, now innovations. Riding through overhead hanging hydroponic gardens!

Everybody should go to Epcott!
When I was there, there were fireworks on the Lake!

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