Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blogging. Really, I am!

I stink at this blogging thing lately, anyone notice? At first I was blaming it on the Lyme, but I think it's more than that. The whole blog, which I love, has become at times a bit of a chore. As a result my blogging has become more sporadic. I like it this way, and I hope you are ok with it. I could come in here and make myself come up with something to say every few days or every week or I can save it until I have something to share. In the coming months I'll be sharing bits about the new book here, snips for you to lust over while we all wait (patiently) for the day when it arrives. You could also pre-order it now, if you'd like! I may even share a teeny bit today.
Yesterday was a bit of excitement. I went into New York for Lexie Barnes' Knitting Lounge at Fashion Week. This was tremendous fun. I taught wee little models and a few more rationally proportioned women how to knit the "official" fashion week bracelet; an I-cord bracelet developed by Lexie to be simple to knit, and fun to wear.
I love New York. I can officially say this now. With each trip I become more and more comfortable in the city; not native by any stretch but much less intimidated and much more engaged. I love the older structures, like Grand Central and the Chrysler and Empire State buildings. The Knitting Lounge was held at the Bryant Park Hotel, which is just under a mile from Grand Central. I took Metro North and walked up 42nd to 5th, passing the library on my way and ending at 40 W 40th. Paparazzi were everywhere. Tons of people with cameras both still and video. I got a quick shot of a couple of them, but could not take in the whole. You'll have to trust me. I had to walk through a sea of them because I'd managed to end up on the wrong side of the police barricades in front of the hotel that are intended to keep them at bay. I crossed the police line, totally cheesing off a cabbie, and headed into the hotel. The place is quite lovely. A small lobby, but really does it need to be vast? Very hip and trendy digs. I gave my name to the man guarding the elevators, and up I went to the 8th floor.
There were rumors of famous people. Because I am so out of the loop, I could totally have been on the elevator with someone famous and never would have known. The cluelessness could get me into trouble I suppose. You could be Somebody and I'd be treating you just like Anybody...so if you're expecting Special Treatment, well...think again. I will still be mad if you cut me in line at Starbucks, and I won't get out of the way so you can exit the elevator first. You, famous person, will be shocked, and I will be clueless.
The hotel is full of suites hosting events for various products, notably HauteLook, Victoria's Secret and oddly Nintendo who was pushing a new fashion based game for girls.
I got swag from Victoria's Secret. We fibbed a bit and said I was a trimmings expert. I do know lace when I see it, I suppose. I fondled some bras and panties, felt ridiculous, but got a $25 gift card with my name on it which I have already spent, and a swag bag stuffed with VS goodies.I also got a super-cool Lexie Barnes swag bag with two samples from red flower, delicious curried nuts from Heirloom Meals, and a copy of Sew What Bags.There's also a supermodel meal in a box (contains 8 complete meals!) from BlueQ, and a pattern leaflet from Tahki Stacy Charles. There was a wee bottle of Pearl Vodka, but we had that with sushi for dinner. Thirteen hour days in which a country mouse trots to the country and back again deserve, I think, a small tipple. Fun day even without it though!
Now some knitting...
First a pair of socks in progress for Mr Wonderful. I love the dyeing of this yarn. It's Misty Mountain Jublilee from Blue Ridge Yarns. I bought it when I was in Virginia. There's something about the way that it's dyed, flecky and charming, that I just love. The color is Sandy Foam, and a very Gene color it is.Next is a pair of socks I began for Gene at Sock Summit while in Meg Swansen's class. I had failed to get my homework done so I cast on a bunch of stitches and decided to make a grown-up version of the Arch Shaped Socks. I didn't twist the stitches, and I didn't use the pattern, but here they are. I love the shaping on the arch. It fits his foot so perfectly.And finally...these socks are called Helix and are from the new book. I began them in May for use as the cover socks. I had not seen them in months and when they popped out of the box of sample socks, I had to stop everything and finish them up. Try not to notice my puffy foot. I am still wearing the brace from the July 4th sprain, and it makes my foot look puffier than it is.The yarn is Louet Gems, which is one of my favorites for showing of stitch definition. It does the job well here in this lacy cable pattern.
And just for fun... a few weeks ago we were cleaning out the garage and found some "firsts".
My first finished object, baby bunting with zipper:
Not visible are the twisted stitches. This was before I learned that I was a combination knitter. Long, long before.
My first Gansey and my first lace and my first corrugated rib...
Scary, really. I had a habit of making baby things to practice on, so there would be less commitment. Scary isn't it? You can say so. I can take it!


booksNyarn said...

Yay for an update! Looks like you had a fabulous time down in the city, and that the Knitting Lounge was a hit - as if it would be anything else. :)

I am envious of your swag - and the model meals made me laugh!

BalletMommy said...

Did you do the arch shaped socks two at a time? I'm busily trying to combine all the skills I learned at SS...maybe into one PERFECT pair (knit at once!)!

tina said...

the blog should never be a chore. Ever. Do what you can, when you can. We will be here! ;)

LOVE the NY story, did they know YOU were a celeb that should be sighted????

Yarnhog said...

Gotta get me some of those supermodel meals.