Friday, April 17, 2009

Conversation Earlier Today

MMO: "I am stopping at River Valley. I think I am going to see if they have any strawberries yet."
Mr.W: "Why?"
MMO: "Because I want them."
Mr. W: "Waaaant them???" (drawn out operative, implication that 'want' is insufficient reason to buy)
MMO: "What does that mean?"
Mr. W: "Well. You don't need them. We have frozen ones from last year. You just want them."
pause. I am processing.
Mr W: "But...since you're there anyway, can you get me some bananas? I want them for breakfast."
MMO: "Want? So. You don't need them?"
Mr. W. "Well, yes. I need them for my breakfast."
MMO: "We have oats. Rice. Wheat Berries. Cold cereal. So you don't need them. We have a lot of breakfast foods at home already. You want them."
pause. (he is processing? maybe he'll get it.)
Mr. W: "What's your point?"

That's where I quit. I hope he stops for bananas on the way home.

There were no strawberries. But I got Chamomile Mead (which will be interesting as I've only had their Liquid Sunshine) and Pioneer Valley Vineyard Cayuga which is now available there as well. The meadery gets their honey, most of it, from the same place where our bees are coming from, Warm Colors Apiary. Last weekend we assembled the dog kennel to keep the bears out of the hive. Mr. W and I both fully expect to come out some morning to find a very well fed bear locked in a dog kennel with a trashed hive. But we'll see. Chicks come next week, if all goes according to plan. I am very excited. FIFTY new babies!!

No knitting I can show. I'm working on work stuff. Oh wait. How about Wyatt's Baby Surprise with Handy Assistant? I forgot to get a picture of his cabled set - I made a hat to go with. No buttons and not seamed yet. It needs socks and a hat. The yarn is Schaefer Nichole which I am thoroughly in love with. I mean in love. Soft, spongey, squashy washable happiness. Love, love, love. Love. Really.I also love the simple complexity of the BSJ. That's nowhere near as backwards as it sounds. When it comes to this jacket it is truly complex, but simple. It just happens, but you can't read ahead, or you'll spoil the ending. A lot of EZ is like that.
I wandered around a little and found things to look at just now. Chickens, of course, meandering in parts of the yard they haven't seen much of. It's warm here, finally, 70 and partly cloudly so they're getting around a bit more. Gadding really.
I discovered that the snow peas have popped up, although the old fashioned kind are taking a bit longer. That's ok. I like edible pods best anyway.
Chickens like anything green and growing. Fence is a good thing.Daffodils are just everywhere here, which I love. At our old house naturalizing them was a joke. Growing them was a joke. Our soil was too high to be fertile silt, and more resembled "great former beach of monster lake". Sand, sand and more sand. No nutrient value whatever. Here, we grow rocks. But I can build up, and conquer. And the daffodils seem to like the challenge.
And spinach and chard in the cold frame. Look closer. It's there!AHH, SPRING!!!


booksNyarn said...

I have noticed that trying to reflect a conversation back at a man usually results in blank looks and/or "But that isn't the point." Of course not...

Ah spring. So lovely to see, even if she's only peeking in here and there still.

Anonymous said...

Oh the Chamomile mead sounds like something we should make. We have quite a collection of mead store away - its one of his favorite things to brew :)

Anonymous said...

9:30 -Gettin sort of bored waiting at the table for oats or rice or something to appear for breakfast... wish I had a banana..

technikat said...

Isn't spring lovely! It's such fun to walk around and see what's growing, even in my vegetable gardenless yard. Not enough sun for veggies :-( . But there's daffies and lilies (my one sunny spot) and hosta coming up.