Monday, August 11, 2008

Yarn Leaves Me, More Arrives, and a Metaphor of Sorts.

I have only a moment to post - April is visiting me for 3 days and nights, and since she's down for the count now I can take a moment and make words, and maybe wash a dish or knit a little. I love babies, but my routine is altered by them, so nothing gets done.
FINALLY I got the yarn wrapped up and ready to go for the 1,000 knitters contest at Ravelry. It seems like every time I have tried in the last couple of weeks to get this super simple thing done, something interfered and stopped me. At last, tonight after I got April to sleep, I managed to find time. Off it goes, to 7 waiting knitters. One winner has not yet responded. I was going to hold it all until everyone responded, but I can;t stand the suspense! So prepare, winners, for the mail to come!
In my mail today the most awesome thing arrived. A gift from Tina at Blue Moon. Well, a gift with strings. Or maybe it's a gift of strings? Either way. It's YARN. All of the chicken colorways for me to play with, some Knitters Without Borders, and one skein with no tag. One skein that looks a lot like some feathered people I know.Doesn't this look a bit like these people? And she also sent a rooster. Of sorts. And I love him.
Mr. Wonderful loves him best, I think, because there's no crowing involved...
Now, the fun part - on August 20th I will be at Metaphor Yarns in Shelburne Falls, MA. You can call Meta (say it like Rita, but with an M!) for more information (413 625 9191). There will be a 2-at-a-Time demo, then a Q&A, then a book signing. Come, bring a friend, bring a book for me to sign (or buy one!). Sit and knit, ask all those questions you're dying to ask, even the ones about socks! This is going to be a lot of fun. Meta's got a bunch of other things going on too - classes with some seriously cool people, like Gail Callahan - in fact, you can dye yarn with Gail, then knit it up into socks (2 at a time, of course!). And a yarn and wine tasting, and sales, and raffles and all sorts of fun. See you there?!

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PurlingPirate said...

Fabulous gift from Tina!!!