Thursday, January 11, 2007

Diva Moment

I simply cannot work under these conditions. I am getting no place. I only got ten patterns typed up this morning. Will you LOOK at this, look at my little bedside temperature thingy! (someday I am going to have one of those big weather stations, with the barometer and all) 24 degrees F. Twenty Four! It was 14 when I got up. And that's just the outside temp. Get a load of INSIDE! 59 freaking degrees!!!! I may as well be outdoors! I quit! Untill the weather returns to it's seasonlly inappropriate 50 degrees F, I simply cannot work.

I have goose bumps. My elbows ache. My poor little hands! They're shrivled with cold, all wrinkly and sore! Uggh! I hate winter. Some day I am moving far from here. I love snow, I hate cold. If there was a way to snowshoe and winter hike without cold, I'd be all over it. This WAAAAS the best winter ever. WHIIIIINEEEE!!!!!!

OK. I am better now. I just wanted to share.

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