Friday, December 29, 2006

Typhoid Strikes Again

Last year at about this time some of you may remember that I was slapped to the dirt by something our (truly) beloved grandson passed on to me. I was sick on Christmas Day.

This year is different. First, it's not Christmas Day any more. It's Friday before New Year. Second, after dodging the typhoid bullet on Christmas Eve, I decided we should have the boy over on Wednesday to celebrate his birthday a bit late. Turns out he's not quite over his little holiday grippe. And this year I got it, not so bad as last, but now I am not alone. Girl and Mr. Wonderful? They're flatter than a toad on the road on the 4th of July. I got the dogs out (then threw up) then I fed the cats (then threw up) then I got ginger ale from the storage space (then threw up). While I did that, Girl and Mr. Wonderful pretty much just threw up. Somewhere about mid-morning there was a shift - Girl and Mr. Wonderful were not only throwing up, if you catch my drift. I was left with nothing more than a sharp pain in my gut.

The day has passed in a haze of naps, bathroom visits, and pet neurosis. Who knew? When the whole family gets knocked out flat, the dog loses his mind. He's spent the day by Mr. Wonderful like some kind of watch dog. It's not like they're best buds. Boo-Boo is all my dog, except for today.

Up next? Donation hat pics, a sock, and that'll be about it. Wer're kinda not up to a lot of photos and fun right this minute...unless you'd like to see some from today? I guessed not.

Try these then. Maybe if I wish really really hard.....

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