Sunday, July 17, 2022


 I wish I had always been who I am instead of who I tried to be.

I wish I had a mini van because the girls would fit better than they do in a car.

I wish the supreme court was made up of progressive women in a rainbow of skin tones.

I wish that when my daughter told me I was a feminist I’d realized she was right.

Mostly I wish I could express boundaries in a healthy manner rather than tolerating bullshit and trying to Be Nice and Please People before going all duck and run when I max out on being kicked around.

Oh. And I wish to leave New England again, but I haven’t decided where for just yet.



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Aab said...

This is long overdue validation, but I want you to know how much I value your 2 at a Time, Toe Up book. Learning to knit socks, and especially, turning a heel, would save me. Victorians did it.

The Recession was officially over, though not in my life. It had been decades since I’d knitted anything more complex than a scarf. I purchased your book anyway and practiced with fat yarn. The Magic Loop confounded me. But eventually I got it. I felt competent again! Though don’t look too closely at my version of your Graphic Socks (mis-crossed cables and uneven stitches). The book got me through a time when I felt unable to pull myself up from despair. So thank you. And I still knit socks, they’re my favorite, always 2 at a time, usually toe up.